Visiting Africa is something everyone should do at least once in their lives.

The African continent is a beautiful place filled with amazing wildlife, beautiful cities and great people. Although western people have a lot of prejudice because of bad propaganda in previous decades, African culture, tourism and reputation is going up again. As with everything in the world, the more an industry grows, the more offer you´ll find. In that regard, Mozambique is rising as Africa´s hidden gem. Read on to find out which the reasons for visiting Mozambique in 2019 are.

Lucky Humpers – Africa’s Best

Lucky Humpers

Lucky Humpers

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The Inhaca Islands

For the lovers of tranquil beaches and calm waters, the Inhaca Islands are a dream spot. The water is ideal for a long swim or a long walk through the shoreline while the sun is setting or rising. Another attraction of this magical place is the seafood which can be comfortably placed among the best in the world and super fresh.

The Quirimbas Archipielago

If you are into whales, coral reefs, dolphins and the amazing endangered species known as sea cows, then you will love this destination. This set of islands is on the Indian Ocean has plenty beautiful beaches, dive sites, and forts. Get lost in the beauty of the 32 islands and be marveled by Africa´s hidden side.

Niassa Reserve

There are few things as going into a wildlife-spotting safari through African soil. Niassa Reserve is the largest in Mozambique and visitors can witness the real wildlife of amazing animals such as leopards, lions and hyenas among many others. It is even possible to go for canoeing, camping and boat safaris as well.

Bazaruto National Park

This is the home of the world-famous dugongs and a beautiful place on its own right. Bazaruto National Park attracts tourism from every corner of Africa and the world because of snorkeling and also the natural beauty of the landscape. It is in the protected area of Inhambane Provence and all people say when they return is that it is jaw-dropping and addictive.

Macuti Lighthouse

Macuti Lighthouse also offers the sight of a shipwreck near the shore. When the sun sets and the sky turns violet, you can definitely see the wonders of a half nature, half human-made scenery. It is not a common thing to see a shipwreck that didn´t sink but that stayed on float in the shoreline.

Sao Sebastian Fort

Panoramic views are always a winner. From the highest spots of Sao Sebastian Fort you can see the sea in all its beauty as well as the skyline. It was built by the Portuguese to protect the roads and merchandise. The remains are one of Mozambique´s most visited tourist attractions, which make it an absolute must if you are in the country.

Maputo Elephant Reserve

This is perhaps the most beautiful part of Mozambique for people who love animals in their natural habitat. The elephant reserve not only features elephants, you can also see hippopotamus, giraffes, crocodiles, zebras and many others. This magical place also offers lakes, and a rich flora to explore and be amazed by. You can book tours beforehand and be guided the whole time you are there not to miss any details.

Tunduru Botanical Gardens

This is the big lung in the middle of Mozambique´s capital city. It was built in the 19th century and still today is a quiet and beautiful break in a crowded, modern city. If you want a break to spend some quality time with friends, family or your significant other, just stop there for some minutes and enjoy silence.


Mozambique is rising as Africa´s secret gem and it is time you go there to avoid crowds and tourism-led changes in nature and culture. Whenever a place becomes highly touristic, a structure is put into place to attend the demand; there is always a sweet spot in which the place offers suitable accommodation and facilities but remains untouched, virgin and without crowds. That sweet spot is now happening in Mozambique and if you want to enjoy this magnificent place at its best, then you must make that trip before it is too late.