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To Take & Dress

Also titled Land of contrasts, Mozambique is genuine gift of experiences that mark to anyone climbing the country.

For those wishing to visit Mozambique, remember that the climate in Mozambique is tropical with two seasons: the wet season and rainfall occurs between October and April and the dry season is from April to October. The Climatic conditions depend from place to place, but generally, in the coast, the rains are torrential and are further north than the south. The temperatures are variable, with a maximum of 35ºC, 25ºC average and minimum of 11ºC.

To dress, in addition to observe the climatic conditions to which we refer, must be taken into account, especially in central and northern areas the local habits and customs, due to Muslim influence.

It is always advised for those visiting Mozambique carry a little of everything, but as clothes: shorts, T-shirts, swimwear, indoor and slippers are essential to who wants to stay along the coast. For further inland (conservation area) is always recommended carry boots, pants, jackets and a sweater to avoid surprises is always better.

  • Don´t forget to take the camera, camcorder and binoculars. 


The conditions of relief of Mozambique a...