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The entry of any foreigner in Republic of Mozambique is regulated by law, except foreign nationals from countries with agreements or abolition of visa, any foreigner who wants to enter in Mozambique shall obtain their entry visa in places officially designated.

Entry visas for the Republic of Mozambique can be obtained at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Republic of Mozambique abroad, the Immigration Service and border crossing authorized.

For movement within the country, whether by car or not, it is imperative to have one of following documents

Personal identification (passport, visa or photocopies)

Driving license (if driving)

Automobile Registration

Car insurance valid in the country (You can get it at the border)

Temporary import license (it is mandatory for trailers, boats and caravans)

The Civil Police uniform is gray and the Transit Police is blue and white. The Civil Police usually asks to inspect your documents - Passport and visa's validity or DIRE (If resident alien). If you are stopped by the police, remember that kindness and patience are important.

It is illegal to drink and drive at the same time and it is advisable to drive only during the day on rural roads. The use of seat belts is mandatory and must dispose of your car emergency triangles.

Amount the street are petrol for 24h, however, to drive on secondary roads, it is advisable to ensure that it has enough fuel to reach the destination. The road access to some of the provincial cities depends on the weather; please get much information about the roads which you want to use before you leave.

For more information visit: http://www.minec.gov.mz

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