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 Mozambique is a great country that makes a big impression on visitors, not only because of its privileged geographical location but also due to the charm and hospitality of its people.

Mozambique has regained its position at the forefront of the international tourism scene and is now, once again, one of the most attractive and intriguing tourist destinations in southern Africa.

Mozambique´s 2,500 km of white, palm-fringed beaches – and the islands of the Bazaruto Archipelago in particular – have long been the major draw for tourists.

The extensive coral reefs host a dazzling array of unique marine life and offer unbelievable diving and fishing opportunities covered, in-depth, in this section.

With so much diversity on offer, knowing where to start your journey of discovery and what paths to follow requires a degree of thought.

We aim at helping you make the most of your holiday by introducing you to the destination in a simple way, enabling you to easily plan your trip and itinerary.So take time to navigate through the special activites you can do whilst in Mozambique.