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In Mozambique, the provinces are the main subdivisions of the country and are led by a governor appointed by the president. The provincial government is composed by provincial directors, who are appointed by the governor, upon proposal of the minister responsible.

Divided into three main regions, you can get all the characteristics of each province, giving you space to learn enough about the conditions at the place which you want to visit.

We invite you to navigate through each page of the site and explore all the sights and attractions that make Mozambique so special. The beaches with clear waters and warm, delicious cuisine served in restaurants, vibrant nightlife of Maputo, the rich fauna, the friendliness of the people - these are just some of the charms of Mozambique.

As you explore the main attractions of this section, you will also understand that this is just the beginning. The hospitality we offer to you is simply our life standard.

Use this information to find the real Mozambique. Take this opportunity to experience the real country and all the amazing things. You'll be amazed at what you will discover.

Make your dreams come true. Mozambique - Fascinating Destination

The People

By the end of 2012, Mozambique's popu...