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Maputo Special Reserve

This reserve was proclaimed by Decree nº. 1994 of the 23rd July 1960. It is located in the Matatuine district, Maputo province and covers an area of 700 km2.

Location : The Maputo National Reserve (Maputo NR) is situated in Maputo Province, inside Matutuíne district.

Area : 778 km2

Access: From the country’s capital Maputo crossing the Bay and then by road from Catembe or simply by road from Boane.

Best viewing season : Throughout the year.

Accommodation: Milibangalala camping area. Tinti Gala Lodge and Tsakani Ka Madjadjane Lodge (both community lodges) but in areas near the Maputo NR. Various tourist undertakings are available in the south of the Maputo NR, in the area of Ponta do Ouro.

Attractions : Various beaches along the coast (Ponta Chemucane, Ponta Membene, Ponta Milibangalala and Ponta Dobela): Different landscapes (sandy soil forest, humid land forest, marshes, mangroves, dunes). Lagoons (Piti, Maunde, Nela, Machai, Chinguti). Holy and cultural places (ideal for cultural tourism).

Fauna : Elephants, duiker, kudu, reedbuck, waterbucks, changes, kudos, pivas, changanes, cinereous kid, kid of rocks, crocodiles. A wide variety of bird species. The marine fauna is very varied, including whales, dolphins, marine turtles, which build nests along the coast and countless fish species.

Viewing Hours : The Maputo NR can be visited daily from 7h30 to 16h30.

Particularities : The Maputo NR protects one of the most valuable habitats (Maputoland regional centre of endemism). The MNR has a scenic beauty with a diversity of habitats, landscapes and sea sceneries for watching animals and birds, and offers opportunities for sports fishing, diving, and canoeing with great peculiarity being a strategically situated destination, linked with parks in Swaziland and South Africa it now forms part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area.


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