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The battle of Marracuene that took place on February 2, 1895 was one of a series that took place in, under the Portuguese conquest to the actual occupancy. At the Battle of Marracuene forces led by Nwamatibyana, Zihlahla, Mahazule, Mulungu Mavzaya and lost, partly due to several factors such as military superiority of the Portuguese forces, and betrayal of Mavota Matsolo, which gave the Portuguese who used to their regions as an outpost of their forces and the decisive phase, the Mavota guided the Portuguese forces into the struggle of Marracuene.

Gwaza Muthini

The celebrations Gwaza Muthini

The celebration of this day is not at all unique Mozambican state. A year after the Battle of Marracuene in 1896 the Portuguese colonial authorities, celebrated Gwaza Muthini in memory of the Portuguese soldiers fallen in battle victorious. And during these celebrations people submitted, said "BAYETEE" a sign of total submission to the colonialist.

At independence, there were only three celebrations, notably in 1974, 1975 and 1976. In 1976 was the year that marked the end of the celebrations of Gwaza Muthini since the then Socialist State Mozambican thought February 3rd was the date that is celebrated every heroic Mozambican and Gwaza Muthini could also fit on Feb. 3.

But at the initiative of Antonio Yok Chan, one of the loyal sons of earth supported by the Government of the celebrations Gwaza Muthini was reactivated on February 2 in 1994. So what changes since 1974 to the present day is the focus of heroism. While all the fallen heroes were the Portuguese in the battle and Mozambicans said 'BAYETEE' since 1974 were the heroes fallen in battle Mozambicans. And Gwaza Muthini, pass to the symbol of heroism against actual occupation of southern Mozambique.

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