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Investments and Business Opportunities

The attraction of foreign direct investment is a priority of development of the tourism industry and the Government of Mozambique considers that the tourism sector is a cornerstone of social and economic development of the country and we want to attract investment and reputation for loyalty and reference of investors, and Mozambican and foreign tourists.

Tourism in Mozambique plays an important role within the group of sectors that are responsible for social and economic development, and directly in the fight against extreme poverty. Its tourism potency is extended in distant regions with wildlife and tropical forest, rivers, lakes, so the lake and the beautiful beaches were allied to the natural compassion of the native population.

The combination of tropical beach and our cosmopolitan cities by our long coastline, the unique and rich diversity of wildlife and forest and the magnificent cultural mosaic, provides a sustainable basis for an unquestionable tourist destination.

Therefore, Priority Areas for Tourism Investment (PATIs), were identified to attract investment in tourism for Resorts Integrated Tourism (ITR) and others, such as Transboundary Conservation Areas (TFCA's) that offer attractions and excellent leisure activities to visitors and combined with product of experience bushes - the beach.

Main investment areas

Priority Areas for Tourism Investment (PATI’s)  

  • Mozambique Tourism Anchor Investment Program  

Northern Arc Project

  • National and Transboundery Conservation Areas;
  • Ecotourism and housing enterprises community-based;
  • Joint Ventures in existing tourism facilities
  • Kapulana Hotel and Resort project

Mozambique needs investment partners in :

  • The development of community based integrated tourism resorts;
  • Supporting basic infrastructure (under PPPs, BOTs and other regimes);
  • Development of Highly Skilled and Professional Labourforce; and
  • Competitive Aviation Sector

For more informations, please visit:  www.cpi.co.mz


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Investments and Business Opportunities

The attraction of foreign direct investm...